f2o Sports

f2o sports

When f2o Sports approached us, they had a bold vision: to revolutionize the ownership model of sports teams worldwide. However, they faced significant challenges in establishing their brand, engaging fans, and acquiring the necessary funding to realize their ambitions.

Drawing on our expertise in communication, PR, and marketing, we devised a comprehensive strategy to position f2o Sports as a pioneering force in the industry. Our approach centered on leveraging digital platforms, media partnerships, and strategic messaging to amplify their brand and attract investors.

Through a series of press releases, opinion articles, and founder interviews, we generated widespread media coverage for f2o Sports, capturing the attention of sports enthusiasts and investors alike. Additionally, our targeted digital campaigns on social media and crowdfunding platforms fueled engagement and drove conversions.


  • Secured over 70 media placements, including features in Tier 1 publications such as Silicon Valley Journal and Globo.
  • Garnered 35,000+ inquiries from potential investors, expanding f2o Sports’ investor base.
  • Increased social media following by 6,000+ and generated buzz around the brand.
  • Positioned f2o Sports as a frontrunner in fan-based ownership, laying the groundwork for future growth and expansion.