Yerba Mate for the World

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Yerba Mate Piporé is a cooperative of producers with over 80 years of experience and is the 8th largest yerba mate producer in Argentina. It is also the third-largest exporter in the country.

We developed a comprehensive communication strategy for the Piporé brand and its products, aligning it with their business objectives. This involved creating different communication lines based on their goals, with a focus on utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as the main channels.

To amplify the reach of the communication strategy, we implemented campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This allowed us to effectively deliver the brand’s messages to a wider audience.

In addition, we redesigned their website to offer an improved user experience for their consumers. We also designed their new online store, adapting it to meet the current needs of their customers and facilitate the commercialization of all their products.

Furthermore, we conducted a comprehensive launch campaign for Piporé Sublime. This involved developing the creative concept, producing audiovisual content, and implementing digital media strategies. We also utilized traditional media channels such as radio, television, and outdoor advertising to maximize the campaign’s impact.

Through our integrated approach and collaboration with Yerba Mate Piporé, we were able to enhance their brand presence, engage with their target audience, and drive successful marketing campaigns across various channels.

Piporé Sublime Campaign

In collaboration with our partner Kozo, we executed a comprehensive campaign for the launch of Piporé Sublime, a new product. Our involvement encompassed the creative concept, production of a series of four commercials targeting different audiences, and the implementation of both digital and traditional media campaigns.

Creative idea

Creative Idea: We collaborated with Piporé to develop a creative idea that conveyed the unique attributes and essence of Piporé Sublime. We ensured to capture the attention of the target audience and generate interest in this new product from the brand.

Commercial Production

We created a series of four commercials, each designed to resonate with different audience segments. Each commercial highlighted the specific features and benefits of Piporé Sublime, employing visually appealing aesthetics and compelling narratives.

Media Campaign

We implemented a digital and traditional media strategy to maximize the campaign’s reach and effectiveness. We utilized platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, radio, television, and outdoor advertising to connect with the target audience at various relevant moments and contexts.